Party with Me!

Host a Pink Zebra Party So you've just flipped through the catalog, and you want one of everything. I know how it is. So how do you pick up all of your favorite Pink Zebra products without subjecting your family to the ramen noodle diet for the next couple of weeks? Party with me! Not only is it a ton of fun, but you can also earn free and half-price products!

Pink Zebra loves to spoil hosts with goodies! Once your party reaches $150 in sales, you can choose any item in the catalog for half price. And once your party reaches $250, you can choose any one item for FREE (yep-even that $80 shade you've been eyeing)! Bring it up to $400, and you can pick up our exclusive Host VIP package, which includes Sprinkles, Soaks, hand soap, and lotion in the scent of the month, along with exclusive host Go-Cards! Plus...all host rewards ship for FREE!

So how would you like to party? No matter how you're partying, you'll get an individual web link, so friends can order online from wherever they are-even if they can't make it to the scheduled party.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me to schedule your party today!