Pink Zebra - Frequently Asked Questions

Products, Ordering, and More

Shipping rates for party, customer, Consultant, and shopping cart are as follows:

  Party / Host Order Customer / Website Order Enrollment Order
Continental US Up to $49.99 Retail = $8. Over $49.99 Retail is FREE Up to $59.99 Retail = $10. Over $59.99 Retail is FREE Large - $30 Small - $25
Continental US 2 Day UPS $15 or 25% of Retail whichever is greater $15 or 25% of Retail whichever is greater  
AK, HI, PR, US Virgin Islands $0 to $49.99 Retail = $10. $50 to $199.99 Retail = 20%. $200 and over Retail is 10% $0 to $49.99 Retail = $10. $50 to $199.99 Retail = 20%. $200 and over Retail is 10% Large - $45 Small - $35
Pink Zebra is a fragrance company that allows you to personalize your scents and your decor -- both in your home and on the go.
Sprinkles are little soy wax droplets that can be melted in warmers or candles -- or used in sachets. They're clean and non-toxic, so they're safe for kids and pets. There are 50+ difference scents to choose from -- and, since they're so tiny, they can be mixed together, making your scent possibilities endless!
Soaks are liquid scents that can be used with reeds, on air freshener cards (we call them Go-Cards), and more. We even have a line of soakable jewelry!
Yes! We have two different types. Simmer Pots are small ceramic pots that come in a variety of colors. They plug into the wall and come with a small light that reminds you when they’re on. Simmering Lights are taller and lighted. You can choose from a black base or an antique white base and a number of different liner colors. They're great on their own -- or you can pair them with our shades.
No need to dig wax out of your warmer! Just let the wax cool and place the dish in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. When you take it out, your wax will pop right out! There are so many uses for used wax, too -- I love putting the used discs in my drawers.
EZPZ! Pink Zebra sells replacement bulbs -- or you can find your own 25W bulbs at a store near you.
Yes! Sprinkles will work with your current warmer -- but, since Pink Zebra's warmers are specially designed to work with our Sprinkles, the scent isn't guaranteed to be as strong (or last as long) with other warmers.
No worries! Sprinkles are non-toxic. It probably didn't taste as good as it smelled, but there's no harm done.
Pink Zebra offers candles, too! You simply choose your candle glass and your favorite Sprinkles. Place the (included) wick in the glass, pour in your Sprinkles, and enjoy!
Yes! Your organization or cause can earn 40% of your sales by hosting a Pink Zebra fundraiser! It's EZPZ!
Host a party with me, and you can earn free and half-price products just for sharing Pink Zebra with your friends!
If you love Pink Zebra's products and are interested in earning some extra money on the side -- or even starting a new career -- you can join my team! Enrollment kits start at just $99, and they come with everything you need to start your own Pink Zebra business.

Hosting a Party

Nope! But you can earn all kinds of free, half-price, and exclusive products!
Absolutely! Your host rewards begin at just $150 in sales, so it can take just a few orders to earn your rewards! It's definitely worth a shot -- and it's a whole lot of fun!
Of course! If you'd like to get your friends together to party, you can try a community center, a park, or your favorite coffee shop. Some restaurants also offer party rooms for customers.
Absolutely! Every party comes with its own unique web link. When we set up your party, I'll give you a link that your friends can use to place outside orders.
Let's party online! I can set up an event on Facebook, and your friends can learn about PZ in the party and place their orders online! It's EZPZ!
Of course, we'll discuss this in more detail as we prepare for your party. But the basics are pretty simple: just invite your friends. Talk to the people who you think would be most interested. When it comes to Facebook parties, 50 is a pretty good number of people to invite. Send out some texts, build up the excitement on social media, talk about it with your friends, and even collect some orders from guests who can't make it to the scheduled party. Then show up and enjoy all of the PZ fun with your friends!
Nope! As soon as the order is entered and the payment is received, it goes into Pink Zebra's fulfilling process. Orders are processed and shipped as they come in. No need to wait!
Pink Zebra LOVES spoiling hosts with free, half-price, and exclusive items! Once your party reaches $200, you start earning host credits, half-price items, and more! Check out our rewards chart for more information.

Becoming a Pink Zebra Consultant

"Active" is defined as any Consultant who reaches $200 in sales volume (SV) in a six-month calendar period.
Here is a sample of the average Pink Zebra consultant earning at each level in 2015:
There are six (6) different ways to generate revenue as a Consultant for Pink Zebra. It is possible to participate in one or all of these profit centers. The following is a general list of the ways to earn revenue based on our Plan.


  • Minimum Base Commission - 25% base commission (retained from Party Sales)
  • Enhanced Personal Commissions - additional 5% commission (paid monthly)


  • 7% Sponsoring Bonus (paid monthly)
  • 3% Team Level Bonuses four levels deep (paid monthly)
  • 2% Mentoring Bonus (paid monthly)


  • Three levels of Generation Bonuses totaling 7% (paid monthly)
Consultants may begin receiving retail commissions that range from a base of 25% up to 30% of the sales volume of the products they sell through one-to-one sales, parties, fundraisers or online sales from their personal website (See Table 1 Enhanced Personal Sales Commission). Of course, holding parties to retail product is at the core of business success. Here is how it works: Enhanced Personal Sales Commissions

Sales Volume (SV)Enhanced Commission
$ 0 to $ 999 SV25%
$1000 and up SV30%

Note: 25% is the base commission available to Consultants for all retail sales. When a Consultant accepts cash or checks from a customer and processes the order through ZebraNET, an immediate commission is earned. Otherwise if the Consultant is using Pink Zebra to process credit cards, then the 25% would be paid during the normal commission process along with any other commission.

Joining Pink Zebra: Starting Up

There are three options. The Online Seller option comes with everything you need to start your business online for just $99 plus tax and shipping. The Starter and Deluxe kits come with a full Blend Bash, which includes eight cartons, a Simmering Light and Accent Shade, and more! The starter kit also comes with testers for all of the core scents for your new customers to smell and all kinds of business supplies to get you started for just $129 plus tax and shipping. Or, if you want more products and more goodies (like cool bags for toting your products), we also have a deluxe kit for $199 (plus t/s).
The only mandatory fee is our monthly ZebraReach fee of $11.95. This covers your website, emails to your customers, and your back office (where you enter orders, monitor goals, and find all of the images, training, updates, and more that you need to run your business). Everything else is optional.
Pink Zebra's sales quota is EZPZ! In order to remain an active consultant, you need just $200 in SV (Sales Volume) every SIX MONTHS! You can earn SV from parties, outside orders, and even consultant orders. And let's be honest here--how much of us could spend $200 every six months just for our own personal use?

Joining Pink Zebra: The Benefits

Yes! You'll get a 25% discount on your consultant orders. And, as an added bonus, you'll get SV (Sales Volume) for the full amount!
Base commission is 25% of your SV (Sales Volume). If you sell $1000 or more in a month, you receive enhanced commission of 30%.
Payments go out once a month, by the 10th of the month (or earlier, if Moneyman Steve is feeling extra generous!). You'll receive commission from outside orders, closed parties, and any applicable downline commissions. As for payments, you have two different options: direct deposit into your bank account or E-Wallet, which is like PZ's very own bank.
Sales Volume = 92% of the retail price of your sales.

Joining Pink Zebra: The Business

No! It's your business, and you can run it the way you want. If you want to do the majority of your business online, that's perfectly acceptable! Facebook makes it easy to party online, and customers can order online from wherever they are. I will say, though, that home parties are a whole lot of fun--and not nearly as scary as they may seem at first. They're also a great way for customers to try out all of the scents in person.
You probably know more people that you realize--as PZ's new consultant training will help you understand. Really, though, it only takes a few people to start your business. A few friends and family members who are willing to host a party and spread the word about your business will help you build a solid customer base.
Very few consultants actually have a background in sales. Most of us are just people who love our product and are happy to share that love with other people. In fact, the less sales-y you are, the more relatable you'll be to others--and the more likely they'll be to check out these Sprinkles that you love so much. If you've ever recommended a product to a friend or shared excitement on Facebook about the latest drink at Starbucks, you've got what it takes.

Joining Pink Zebra: Downlines

Not at all! There's no obligation to build a team. Some people prefer to focus on sales instead of team building. Of course, there's a pretty good chance that, if you're sharing the PZ love, people will be excited about what you do--and they'll want to do what you do!
Yes! You can earn commission from your downline from the beginning. You don't even have to promote to earn your commission! In order to earn commission from your downline, you must first be Bonus Qualified for the month, with $400 in SV. Then, for each person you recruit, you earn a commission of 3% of their CV (CV = 75% of SV) plus a 7% sponsoring bonus. You also earn 3% of their team members' CV. With each promotion, you earn commission from more levels of your downline—and, with higher promotions, you earn additional bonuses, too.
To promote to Executive Consultant, you need just three active consultants on your team -- and you need to be Bonus Qualified for the month. Each promotion comes with additional perks and incentives.

Joining Pink Zebra: Incentives

Pink Zebra's Quick Start program is a way to encourage new consultants to dive right into their new business -- and help them build their stock in the process! You can earn Pink Dollars (our name for our product credit) by selling and recruiting in your first 90 days. For instance, if you get $500 in SV in your first 30 days as a consultant, you'll earn an additional $75 in Pink Dollars -- to spend on anything in the catalog! Achieve all of the sales and recruiting goals for your first 90 days, and you'll earn $575 in Pink Dollars!
Each year, PZ offers an incentive trip to somewhere warm and sunny (like Panama or Costa Rica). The details vary, but through sales and sponsoring, you can earn a laptop or tablet, Pink Dollars, or an all-expense-paid trip (for one OR two).

There are incentives for promoting -- starting with the Manager level, where you'll begin earning exclusive PZ jewelry. There are other occasional incentives that the geniuses at Home Office come up with to help us achieve our goals (like giving away Pink Dollars for hosting parties). And there are incentives within our team, too (and you can earn some pretty cool jewelry for meeting goals and completing challenges).

Joining Pink Zebra: Training and Support

Pink Zebra has an amazing training program! As soon as you sign up, you'll have access to an amazing collection of resources in your back office and in our consultant app. There are training videos, worksheets, tutorials, and so much more! In fact, there's a special section in the back office just to help you through your first 90 days as a consultant.

Each month, Home Office also offers additional training in our national consultant webinar and our leaders webinar (for Managers and higher).

But that's not all! Pink Zebra has a company-sponsored Consultant Corner group, where consultants can share ideas and get updates from Home Office. We also have our own team group on Facebook, where you can connect with fellow team members, ask questions, get support, and simply share the journey with others like you.
Of course! There are some things that consultants can't fix on their own. That's why PZ has an amazing customer service team. They take calls, but you can also text then questions (how awesome is that?) during business hours.
In addition to the monthly webinars, Pink Zebra also hosts regional Rallies. These take place in various cities around the country -- typically around January, April, and October. At each Rally, we take time to celebrate achievements, we get some valuable training, and we often get to see (and take home) some new products!

Then, in July, we have our annual Family Reunion. There's all kinds of training, plenty of socializing and fun, AND the release of the new products for fall!